When you think of SEO or a website, you often think about Google, or Yahoo or Bing! But a website that beats all these, leaving out Google of course is YouTube! Yes and if you have a channel then you need YouTube Optimization! 


A forgotten search engine, YouTube has the potential to make your brand reach millions of viewers! The true potential of youtube is definitely underutilized!


YouTube is not just funny cat videos and prank videos anymore, it’s an influencer platform, a branding platform, high engagements that have a huge chunk of loyal audiences!


But how do you break through this clutter?


The front-end or the page you see when clicking on a youtube link may seem as easy as 1,2,3! But the real work and maintenance of the algorithm happen behind the scenes!


A major part of understanding youtube optimization begins from understanding your audience! 


What your audience sees, what they want to see and how long are they willing to see it for! 


We plan keywords, tags, descriptions in such a way that they drive major traffic to your channel and videos.


YouTube’s audience retention is one of the main ranking factors and it influences the optimization of your page!


To increase your audience retention and best optimize your page, you will need a solid plan that can not only give you views for a short amount of time but long term recurring consumers! 


How do you do this?


A solid plan, from yours truly, we help optimize your website and provide digital branding for your product! 


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