TOP 10 Social Media Marketing Services Memes Ever!

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TOP 10 Social Media Marketing Services Memes Ever!

Social media marketing services

Memes and Social media marketing services

Forget social media marketing services, but we all love memes, don’t we? Right from Instagram and Facebook to WhatsApp and Twitter, our timelines are stacked with memes all the way. Major social media marketing firms resort to meme trends these days. This is to ensure a better brand connect with their target audience. 

So what are memes? 

Memes are pictorial representations and references meant to lighten the mood and induce a sense of humour among the target audience.

They are the biggest trendsetters in the modern digital generation where every other person is on social media platforms browsing through them. Let’s have a look at the top ten social media marketing memes of all time!

Early memes

The first meme template in this list is the “They Can’t Read” template. One of the standout, the most controversial and shaky statements are displayed using this template ensuring that the audience receives it with a sense of humour rather than a direct attack. Many brands were quick to latch on to this, thus creating social awareness at the same time.

The Second and third

The second meme template in the list is the “RickRolling meme”. This meme had users clicking on an unknown link which was disguised as a hyperlink. This also redirected the user to a youtube video of the 1987 song, “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

The user was said to have been “RickRolled” which became a major trend back in 2012. People even started using the song’s lyrics in unexpected places to annoy others

The third meme template in the list is the ever famous “Drake meme”. A straightforward yet quirky template featured two pictures of Drake.

In the first picture, he was shown with his face behind his outstretched hands where isn’t agreeing of something. While the second picture below it has him approving and enjoying the said fact. This was a huge success as people started showing their brand or product to be better than their competitors.

Memes and social media marketing services

The fourth meme template in the list is The “Distracted Boyfriend” meme. This meme involves a picture of a man walking with his partner while checking out another woman who crosses their path.

This was another instant hit as people used this template to market their products as something you can check out even if you were a user of an already existing competitor brand.

The later trends

The fifth meme template in the list is The Expanding Brain meme. Photos of different sized brains were used with “smart” sounding things until they extended into hilarious and quirky statements.

This template became a huge success owing to the different levels of a simple thing which caught the viewers attention immediately.

The sixth meme template in the list is of “Young Thug at the computer”. This hilarious template was a picture of the rapper young thug staring into a computer screen and people started coming up with amusing replies which took social media by storm.

The seventh meme template in the list is the “First World Problems” meme. This template had an attractive person looking glum, with a tagline explaining his/her First World frustrations.

This was a hilarious take on privileged people and their annoying habit of making basic problems look massive.

The recent stuff

The eighth meme template in the list is the “Change My Mind” meme. This was another simple yet quirky template with a guy sitting on a chair having a board that read “Change my mind”.

People photoshopped the most controversial and unpopular opinions on the template to create a buzz on social media.

The ninth meme template in the list is the “Is this a?” meme. This template had a picture of an animated character point towards various objects to express modern confusions or paranoia.

This meme was a hit in those cases where the similarity between two contrasting things was impeccably hilarious.

The last meme template in the list is the “weird flex but OK” meme. The phrase is used when someone brags about something that most people would find awkward and irrelevant.

This was a banger in cases where some users had to mock a competitor for showing perks that were too common or widely known.

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