SEO company in mumbai 101 – What, why, and how!

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SEO company in mumbai 101 – What, why, and how!

SEO company in mumbai

SEO company in mumbai for strong SEO

I am sure you’ve heard SEO pop in conversations of search engines and website ranking, sum it up and even you’ll know what is SEO. Simply put it’s the art of getting your webpage to rank higher than others, like this one itself (gotcha, haha)

Let’s keep it simple now, shall we?

Basically speaking to the ones with little to zero knowledge on this, Search Engine Optimization is the technique to acquire more traffic to your webpage in order for it to appear at the top after a search is made. Who knew it was as simple as that? although it’s more about the people and less about search engines.

Learning about optimizing the searches through quality and quantity content is the crux of it. For you to understand the ‘how’ it’s important to always know the ‘why’ of it first.  As business owners, you definitely would want your website to get noticed to further bring in the business. So it’s crucial you give SEO the attention and place it needs for its foundation to visibility.

Our search engines are designed in a way that requires the sites to be in a particular structure in order for them to deliver your site after a search is made. The crawlers i.e spiders systematically scour through the world wide web and that’s what helps you browse the internet. Think of the crawlers like the Oompa-Loompas of the chocolate factory to bring the perfect search results for your preferred chocolate flavour. Therefore, the above-given reasons are the whys.

Here’s a list of things to avoid running into search engine problems:

Improper link structure

Coding errors

Language & semantics

Something that’s fun is, SEO allows you to know what interests the users, to further build content tailored to those needs exactly. Content Distribution. Focuses on SEO and legitimate link building lead you to develop relevant, useful content that’s shareable and provides digital word of mouth. 

The most important SEO tasks have to deal with:

  • Identifying what users are searching for that is related to your products and services
  • Creating content that makes users happy & satisfied
  • Providing the right signals to search engine crawlers and algorithms through different SEO techniques

SEO can be considered as a total frame of work since the entire process has a number of guidelines, a number of phases, and a set of controls. 

Time to get to the How to- Improve SEO skills now that we know the basic functioning of it.

  1. Publishing authentic, relevant, content is the driver to your SEO ranking, nothing can replace quality content while doing SEO marketing. Fine-tune the SEO language and you’re good to go.
  2. Keywords this where you have to step into the user’s shoe and see which keywords they use for a particular search. 
  3. Content regulation- as it’s rightly said consistency is the key to success. Publishing good quality articles regularly helps the web crawlers identify your site easily.

 The moral of the story do not skip SEO.

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