Is your CEO social media savvy?

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October 22, 2021
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November 2, 2021

Is your CEO social media savvy?

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Social media marketing savvy CEO. Mr. Musk

One CEO that brings his A-game when it comes to being  social media savvy is none other than Elon Musk. Yes, that very Musk, a person whose tweets can cause a rumble in his company’s stock prices and move an entire generation.  

But why is it imperative that a CEO be social media savvy?

Being “In” with the times

Brands with a CEO who has their minds into the “know-hows” of the world are the ones that fair better with customer engagement and reach. 

Those insights can in turn prove beneficial to develop marketing strategies based on the likes of the consumer. Leading to direct success of the campaigns. 

Building a Sociable Persona

Social media netizens find a socially-engaged CEO as more transparent and approachable than a non-social one which develops a strong trust factor. With this the employees get a feeling of being known and accepted in the company. 

Two-way communication is born from this which develops the company as a whole and leads to a cohesive working culture. Many big brand CEOs follow this rule by connecting with their team on a personal level. 

The Pseudo Influential Figure

A well-built social presence proves to be an extension of managerial skills at best. Consumers & employees identify a CEO who is socially well-equipped to be a better leader and an influential figure. 

This unique blend of skills and experience required to build networking equates to a well-qualified executive from every perspective.

Now that we spoke about the benefits, let’s go over the things to keep in mind before you hand over the account credentials to your CEO:


Make a “Do’s & Don’ts” list along with the best practices to follow, from the CEO & down below. The reason? It helps to define a clear line of communication. Maintaining a standard operating procedure will help you keep things uniform and clean for the company and its directives. 

Draft content in advance to make it simple and clear, to makes posting less chaotic.

The type of Platform

You need to know the right type of platform to use; it’s vital to know which message will help convey the intended idea, in each situation. 

For example, if your CEO is trying to reach his employees and team, LinkedIn would be an appropriate platform. 

Analyzing your goals and then pick the right platform to produce desired goals!

Preparing a concrete calendar

Weekly, monthly, quarterly planned social media content, activities, or events that need to be put out by the CEO pave a steady way in their contribution towards social media. 

As the final part of the process, consider every big & small angle:

Level of engagement with the audience.

The kind of accounts to follow & and people to interact with

Frequency of posting the content 

Type of content to be shared/ not shared by the company.

Your CEO is now good to go as both; a leader and a Tweeter.

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