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Different type of tags in SEO – SEO agency in Mumbai

SEO agency in Mumbai, Search engine optimization

SEO agency in Mumbai, Search engine optimization

Did you know, 36% of SEO Agency in Mumbai experts think that the headline tag is the most important element. What about you?

Tags are hidden assets which provide essential details and data about your page.

This is done in  a unique, concise yet discreet way thus helping your website to rank higher than the competitors.

These are really important in modern day Search Engine Optimization. They are potential game changers when it comes to Digital Marketing.

Search engines help list out the users’ search in a unique and concise way. Tags are essential tools used in SEO, which help direct the audience search results.

It’s done in a more direct and engaging way to enrich the user experience on the particular site. Before moving on, it’s really important to understand the use and significance of tags.

Let’s have a look on some of the essential tags you can use in Search Engine Optimization:

1) Title Tag:

Perhaps one of the most important tags for SEO. Title tags are located in the <head> of your webpage, they constitute the main label or the title of your searches on Google/Bing etc. 

These are really important as it will help your search rank higher up. They contain the crunch keywords which users type in to get the desired search results. 

While filling in the title tag, you should keep in mind the needs and requirements of your target audience. You should also have an eye on the keywords which they may type in to reach out to the website.

2) Meta Description Tag: 

The Meta Description Tag also resides in the <head> of a webpage and is majorly visible in the SERP snippet with a title and page URL. 

The keywords which we use in the title tag should also be used within this tag.  It strengthens your case by widening the scope of users reaching up to your page. Purely on the basis of keywords. This is a huge plus to the entire process.

3) Heading Tags (H1-H6):

Heading tags are the most underrated forms of tags present. They help in differentiating your Headings and Subheadings from the rest of the content. 

Keeping unique and concise headings during SEO is the way to go forward. Owing to this, users will get attracted to your site. This is even if they find their keywords listed up, no matter the content beneath it.

These are the different types of heading tags and the purpose they serve during Search Engine Optimization:

<h1></h1> – usually reserved for webpage titles.

<h2></h2> – highlighting the topic of the title.

<h3></h3> – helps in reflection of  points in regard to the topic.

<h4></h4> – majorly supports points from <h3>.

<h5></h5> – not used very often, but great for supporting the points of <h4>.

4) ALT Tag: 

One of the major aspects of Search Engine Optimization is images. Images constitute a huge part of the web globally and is one of the most selling formats of data in this generation. ALT tag helps you to do exactly this. 

With the ALT tag you can define images to your SEO so that it reciprocates with the image searches of your audience. Thus it helps you list those search results higher than the others. Image searches are slowly becoming the talk of the town especially in these testing times. 

5) Open Graph Tags: 

Open Graph Tags are another major asset when it comes to SEO. These tags help users explore the social media connection on the websites. 

The tags can be used to customise your website link to various social media platforms. With the modern generation being hooked to these platforms, the proper usage of this tag can increase the traffic. 

These tags, if used to perfection, can definitely improve your online presence. If you wish to have a strong and durable SEO too, Contact us now. We are a SEO agency in Mumbai who will be happy to help you in broadening, expanding your online presence and bolstering your digital marketing needs in a effective yet efficient way

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