Why is Netflix so good at social media ?

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Why is Netflix so good at social media ?

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Netflix is a social media guru that you can easily learn from

Which OTT platform comes to mind in terms of top social media? The answer is undoubtedly – Netflix. Let’s break down the behind the scenes of their social media marketing strategy into basic steps to understand why.


  1. High engagement rate

The reason to have a social media account is to increase brand’s awareness, presence & engagement rate. Ever noticed the replies in the comment section on their posts? From quick quips to sarcasm with a touch of humour, they leave us in awe.The catch is that they have tailored specific strategies for certain regions, providing nothing but relevant content. 

Which inturn leads to achieving targeted results. For example Netflix’s twitter account puts out more static & written content as compared to instagram where motion content rules.


  1. Consistency is the key

Might sound like the work of your right hand but take a  note guys, Netflix actively posts 14 times in a given day on all their accounts. You might wake up to see a monday morning ‘feels of the day’ meme or ‘weekdays mood’ bytes. 

They have virtually made it possible to tap on our moods, keep us in touch and combine it all as our favourable social page. Mission successful isn’t it? 


  1. A mix of everything

Recycling old content from movie stills, interviews and meet and greets, you’ll find a stellar combination of everything. It’s a known fact that reminders of our comfort shows and songs is an excellent trick to make the brand even more lovable. 

This marketing strategy leaves no gaps to promote the current shows while also bringing back the old memories. This helps them amplify the reach of all their content to fit the current trends.


  1. Audience is King

Netflix’s social accounts give us everything we want; movie suggestions, entertaining content, funny current affair memes, and binge worthy shows of course. To dive in further they even conduct engagement polls to find out what relates to most of their audiences. Such a simple trick makes them THE choice when a user is searching for their comfort shows!


  1. Social Campaigns

Let’s not forget about their mind blowing campaign gambits. 

Remember the mental health campaign launched during the release of 13 reasons why season 2?

This initiative was well received by not only the young audience but all age groups. The campaigns major touch points were sensitive topics like suicide, rape, and bullying faced by teenagers. The series as well as the campaign helped create awareness for the mental health theme worldwide.


From the above mentioned pointer it’s only clear that Netflix has boiled down its content strategy to focus on the brand while keeping promotions of their streaming services in mind. 


The largest streaming platform not only leaves us with tons of learning but also keeps us entertained. Are you interested in improving your social media strategy? Connect with a social media marketing agency in Mumbai! 

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