Social media marketing and Pinterest. How it works!

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Social media marketing and Pinterest. How it works!

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Social media marketing, social media marketing agency in Mumbai

Social media marketing on Pinterest means Scroll. Pin. Scroll. Pin. 

The go-to site when it came to finding recipe ideas, home decor ideas and a page that everyone’s mom had an account on. Pinterest has changed drastically from this to a magical portal that houses an infinite amount of images, graphics, ideas, inspirations, videos and so much more!

A true goldmine for those who are looking for any type of visuals for their business or even product inspos.


But what is social media marketing? And how does it apply to Pinterest?


Pinterest is not just the endless pins and moms sharing recipes anymore, it’s a platform that has developed rapidly in not just the social aspect but the marketing aspect too. With an audience of millions, this platform is social even without the typical social tools that are the norm in other social networking sites.


Pinterest marketing is trickier than most other social sites, but it is also the one which gives the most gratifying results!


Starting off with Strategy!


  1. Setting an impactful strategy

Any type of marketing starts with strategy. Strategy is the base to any type of marketing and so is the norm for Pinterest as well. Creating a clear outline of what your brand is, in terms of brand essence, colours, fonts, tone of voice and more. A set design and a homogenous profile attracts the crowd. 


  1. Choose a cover board

A cover board is the first thing a visitor sees when they visit your profile, and it is the perfect place to add branded content that has blogs, graphics, product shoots, and match the essence of your company.


  1. Hiring the right people

Pinterest is not just about pinning things randomly and hoping they click together and match your brand. It involves regular upgradation, keeping up with the trends and enabling inner secrets to get you the best outcomes. Connect with a social media marketing agency in Mumbai to help you out!


  1. Pinterest SEO

Yes, SEO is also important with Pinterest, after all it is also a search engine of sorts! Making sure to follow the same rules as one would for a Google SEO, Pinterest SEO should also be followed!


What are your thoughts on Social Media Marketing? Let us know your thoughts!

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