Tropicana and Social Media Marketing

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Tropicana and Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing and Tropicana go hand in hand. In fact, mango is without a doubt the favorite fruit of Indians and one of the most bought fruits in the summer season. But what about the rest of the year? To address the all year long craving of mangoes, Pepsico came up with Tropicana Slice.

Under the brand name of Tropicana, Pepsico launched many fruit juices that could quench the thirsts of many. Tropicana back then, specialized in the production of orange juices. But slowly with changing times, it dipped its hands in other segments of the juice industry too!

Tropicana and its Successful Social Media Marketing Story

But what makes Tropicana worth mentioning in the blog? How has it developed the brand it is today?

Well, it makes the best use of social media marketing to create brand awareness of its products. Moment marketing done by the brand during Iftaar where Slice gift hampers were sent to celebrities was highly appreciated. It was a sign of compassion and love for one another.

Tropicana propelled this campaign throughout social media via many influencers and celebrities, thereby getting a good name and fame during the pious times.

More campaigns by Tropicana

Effective campaigns have also been done in past on the website of Tropicana called “TropiMamma” where experts shared about motherhood and relevant topics of eating healthy, bargain hunting, and healthy lifestyle.

The brand in every social media campaign talks repetitively about its real fruit drinks and how it’s beneficial for healthy living. It mainly derives engagement with its audience, specifically the youth by leading them to attain a healthy lifestyle and provides the content that is humor-based.

The success of marketing

Social media marketing has helped the brand Tropicana to grow exponentially. With the increase in the number of people moving to social media, brands are finding newer ways to interact and engage their audience about them on the web. Social media agencies are creative ways to engage the audience with new methods of brand awareness and customer engagement content.

Because even Tropicana knows where is the chance to get a maximum reach to your audience. Try social media marketing from the best. Curious as to how it will work? Contact us and learn more!

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