Is your website voice SEO ready?

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July 11, 2021
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July 15, 2021

Is your website voice SEO ready?

SEO agency in Mumbai

SEO agency in Mumbai to optimize your website

Planning to start SEO for your website? But before you start, are you sure your website is ready for SEO? Well, before you start wondering how to do that, we have already solved that problem for you! Go on and read further, we are sure it will make things easier.

It all starts with understanding SEO

Be sure to understand the basics of SEO before you start doing it for your website or handing over the process to someone else. It may appear daunting but in reality, it is an easy job, of course only if you understand they way around it.

Search Engine Optimization comes in two parts, first is on-page and second is off-page optimization. But the major game changer is the on-page part wherein you fix your website and make it stronger to complete with the fellow competitors.

On-page and optimization friendly website

To ensure that your website is ready for optimization activity, it is vital for you to ensure that you lay perfect grounds for it. Here, your game field will be perfect only after you fix all the on-page shortcomings.

The work begins with first understanding the right keywords for your website. Use these keywords then in your website title tag, header tag, image tags and meta tag.

This is where the journey begins. Later, optimize your content to make it readability friendly by making the language simple and effective. Google doesn’t like flowery words and complex sentence structure. It prefers easy and simple sentences that anyone can read and understand.

What next?

Next comes the part of setup. Here you need to activate your Google Analytics account. You also need to activate your Google Search Console. These are free tools that reflect you all the details of your website.

While Google Analytics shows to you the number of people reaching your website, their source and demography, Google Search Console helps you more with the SEO details such as the pages with their current issues, the top ranking pages, the pages crawled and much more!

Once you follow all these steps, you are ready to avail optimization service for your website. Now that we are already talking about it, if you want to look at your website ranking on the top pages of Google, then contact, one of the best SEO agencies in Mumbai!

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