SEO audits are not a one time job. Here’s why!

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SEO audits are not a one time job. Here’s why!

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SEO agency in Mumbai

You start your SEO activity with all the spirit! Personally involved in keyword research and website audit, you ensure that the website is totally optimized from the on-site front!

Cut to 5 months down the line. How much time of yours do you still invest in you website optimization? Probably nil! But that’s not right. In that 5 months time, there would have been so many image and text changes that would have been made. Think about the new pages that would have been added.

Do you think your website is still as optimal as it was in the start? Well, this is where your complete website audit comes in place. Here are 5 major advantages of doing regular website audit!

1. SEO means speed

The core of SEO is to keep the speed of the website up to the mark. Your frequent website audits reflect the current speed of the website and reflect the points of concern. Fixing this will keep your website formidable as always!

2. Tags, titles and text!

New pages is the open gateway to duplicate data. Many times the data that is generally duplicated is of the Title tag and the meta tag. Your frequent audits catches these errors and help you correct and optimize the website.

3. Error pages and SEO

Wanna piss off Google? Have Error 404 pages on your website! Well, we are sure you don’t want the mighty Google annoyed at you, eh? So, why keep those nasty pages? Your regular audits help you fish out those bad quality pages to discard them!

4. Lacking SEO content

Content is still the king, and there is nothing that is going to change that fact for all the coming years. You still need pages that have at least 300 words of content to support good SEO. Regular SEO audits help you find pages with less content and fix them at priority.

5. Errors in titles and URLs

SEO requires your website having title tags in adequate amount of characters. Regular audits help you find titles that are shorter or longer than the stipulated character limit. Same goes with the URLs too! Keeping them in check helps you optimize your website better!

But we know, your job is not to do regular audits. Your job is to keep your business growing! So, why don’t you leave the worry of SEO audits with us? Contact us for effective Search Engine Optimization services and start witnessing phenomenal growth!

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