Is social media marketing shifting towards Insta?

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July 5, 2021
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Is social media marketing shifting towards Insta?

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Social Media Marketing has become an integral domain to promote and create brand awareness for your product. Digital agencies rely heavily on this marketing strategy. It garners a bigger set of audiences that could be interested in your product.

But, promoting it on the right social media platform is crucial. Of late, the paradigm is shifting to Instagram and more agencies are finding better ways to promote their clients through it.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”,  aptly describes the approach that Instagram follows. With about 1 billion active users on the platform, it is soon becoming the favorite social media platform.

In today’s time, everyone is on Instagram from businesses, users, and even their pets. People just like to see what others are up to.

But wasn’t this feature already available on the other social media platforms?

What makes this different?

Yes, surely it was.

But what uniqueness does Instagram bring?

The answer is simple, Instagram is responsible to showcase visually engaging. It has content that naturally attracts users to double-tap and view more.

Instagram users are not just active users, they are engaged. About 58% of the active users visit the app daily and spend an average of 7 hours per week.

What’s more?

The major base of Instagram users is of young adults. They have a better reach for products promoted by most of the brands.

A majority of the audience is on Instagram, Social media marketing and agency are more inclined towards promoting their products here.

Instagram now has added features like reels and videos that help to create quality content which is essential in brand promotion.

Why was Instagram able to shift the paradigm of social media marketing?

Instagram believes in showing users bite-sized content that makes content viewing engaging. Giving the users too much to read drops their engagement rate. Further to this Instagram provides photo filtering that gives eye-catching images to view.

It is a good place to discover and connect to your audience. It gives social media agencies the right audience to promote their brands. Hashtags on Instagram helps to categories your post or video showcasing it to the right people.

Instagram has also become the favorite spot for Influencer marketing who are actively involved in providing engaging content.

The user-generated content on Instagram is outperforming traditional methods of endorsing products.

It has truly become an incredible platform for brand awareness. With all the new features coming on board and the increasing number of active users daily, this sure is the best social media marketing platform for agencies.

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