Social Media Marketing & Consistency

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Social Media Marketing & Consistency

Social media marketing with DigiCrest Media

Social media marketing and branding with DigiCrest Media

Social media marketing is not a child’s play anymore. The function of social media has drastically changed, with the world getting dependent on it with passing time! This is the world, where people first check your brand on social media and then may be, Google you!

In such cases, it is vital that every ounce of your social media presence emits the core brand communication, that has been set stringently over past years! Daunting as it may seem, it is not really! Well, consistency is the key here to seamless SMM that is effective, aesthetic and brand friendly!

The role of consistency in social media marketing

Social media is dynamic. Colorful and lively, it demands the brands to play a different game of marketing to stay ahead of their competitors and to cut the clutter. But the one thing that we must never forget is that social media is just another tool of marketing.

Changing times and trends have definitely given social media the Godly status in the domain of marketing. But the fact that it is just another source of marketing persists! Hence, it is vital to realize that even if your brand sheds it’s blazer and shoes, the basics of it still remains the same as it wears the stillatoes of social media.

This is where the core basics of branding come in the picture. Keeping the as it is but masking them in the color of social media will help you achieve your goals. This is where consistency comes into the picture. Consistency in the form of colors, fonts, images and even the post construct gives your social media, the must needed jacket of branding!

Breaking the clutter

This is where the entire challenge comes in. Maintaining the branding quotient and yet ensuring that you break the clutter! In the world of advertising, it is easy to do so! Brainstorm on a ground breaking campaign and then execute it. If it works the clutter is broke lose, if not then you lose! There is a fair deal there.

But the waters are different here in the world of SMM. Yet, once again, resilient consistency maintained brings in the much needed help. The key to social media is in knowing how you can connect with the audience. Entertain them, value add them or give them a pass time. Do anything by which they will connect with you. But consistency!

Don’t miss out on that golden bird as that will help you break the clutter too! Consistent usage of similar imagery. Constant way of product placement. Every day usage of similar design. All of these parameters will help you make a social media grid like no other brand. A grid in which every post speaks for itself but also reflects as an integral part of a family.

The day you achieve this, that is when you will have the concept of social media and consistency cracked! Wishing you a good luck. Keeping following for more tips, tricks and knowledge about digital branding! And if you want us to take care of your social media, then we are just a call away!

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